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Brand: Novella
Bathroom Tile Acacia Relieve Decor 25x50 Bathroom tile, red mass, with glossy surface. Suitable for interior wall cladding Dimensions: 25 x 50 cm Packaging per box: < span style = "line-height: 17.12px;"> & nbsp; 1,5 sq.m., 12 Pieces, kg: 22.80 kg & nbsp; Packaging per palle..
19.50€ Ex Tax:15.73€
Brand: OEM
Akane 25x70 Bath Tile in three & nbsp; shades & nbsp; Matte Surface Red Mass First Quality > Package per box: 9pcs, 1.58 sq.m., 24.6kg < b> Package per pallet: 64 boxes, 101.12 sq.m., 1,570kg SALE PER BOX - PRICE PER SQUARE ORIGIN & nbsp; SPAIN ..
21.70€ Ex Tax:17.50€
Brand: OEM
Bathroom Tile INCAS 25x50 Bathroom Tile with matt surface. Red Mass Packaging per box: 12 pieces, 1.5sqm, 22.8kg Packaging per pallet: < / b> 60 boxes, 90sqm, 1.365kg SALE PER BOX - PRICE PER SQUARE ORIGIN SPAIN >..
18.80€ Ex Tax:15.16€
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